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Welcome to International Dialling Codes

If you are looking to call overseas and need the international dialling code then you have found the right website.

International Dialling Codes is a free resource to provide those in the United Kingdom with the correct dialling code.


Instant Dial

instant dial access codes

If you are calling overseas from the UK then you can save money by dialling an access number before you dial your international number. If you are calling from your home or office you will no doubt be aware that your phone provider charges a fortune if you call abroad. With Instant Dial all you need to do is dial an access code then dial the international number. Our rates start from just 1p per minute.



Text & Talk

text and talk

If calling overseas from a landline is expensive then imagine what it will cost from a mobile. Not so with Text & Talk. Simply text a message to a short code and your phone will receive a ‘top up’ of international calling credit. From this you can then use your mobile to phone international numbers from just 1p per minute.




paypal top up


Works just like Text & Talk but this time you can top up your mobile phone with international calling credit by purchasing the credit with your PayPal account.



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